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So you want to elope, and you want to do it in Italy but, where to start?


This country has so much to offer and we know it is hard to navigate through the internet to find your perfect spot! Here is where we will start helping you: we deeply know and love our home country and we decided to share some of our knowledge with you, starting from giving you a general overview of the locations we love the most to plan your elopement in Italy.


We are Alba and Selene, videographer and photographer respectively, founders of Elope to Italy and ManiSol Wedding. Having been working in the Destination Wedding Industry for the past eight years, we have helped countless couples make their dream Elopement come to life. We will help you design and plan your elopement in Italy, and make sure you will re-live those precious moments forever through our photographs and films. But first of all… Let’s find the perfect spot for your Elopement!


From mountains to art cities, pristine beaches, and vineyards we want to take you with us on a journey to discover the limitless beauty Italy has to offer.

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“That branch of the Lake of Como which extends southwards between two unbroken chains of mountains…” Alessandro Manzoni could not find better words to describe this natural masterpiece. Lake Como is stunning, no more words needed.


With its incredible villas and stunning towns, colorful waters and fashion-forward experiences, Lake Como is the perfect venue for an Elopement in Italy.

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Federico Fellini said that “Life is a combination of magic and pasta” and we think this applies perfectly to an experience in Tuscany. The best food, slow-paced but extraordinary life, and friendly faces make this region one of our favorites in Italy.


If you are looking for a chill, borgos and nature-centered Italian Elopement, Tuscany could be the perfect region for you.

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Venice (as Monet said) is the impressionism in stone, and we can’t agree more. Its atmosphere is something hard to explain, it is decadent, eternal, and alive.

It is not a place to visit, it is a place to live.

Having an Elopement in Venice will allow you to explore the magic of this unforgettable city and make it become a piece of your Story, forever.

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We have an Italian saying that is: see Naples and die. The city and its surrounding area (the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Pompei) are something hard to compete with.


Here you’ll find the beauty that comes from contradictions: the most beautiful sea and villas side by side to the wild nature of the Vesuvius and the kaleidoscopic, surprising city of Naples.

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What full, extended glee,” said Catullus when he returned to Sirmione. The famous Roman poet wrote his most romantic verses in his family villa overlooking the lake. An example to say that it’s from thousands of years that this place inspires people.


Being the largest Italian Lake, Garda is filled with hidden treasures and you can find archaeological masterpieces, tiny towns, hiking paths and everything in between.

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Le Corbusier described the dolomites as “the most beautiful buildings in the world”. Every peak is a piece of art and once you start looking at this majestic landscape you’ll just feel thankful. Thankful for being able to just be there.

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A fool is one who admires other cities without visiting Rome,” said Petrarca.
Rome is the eternal city, every corner has something to tell about where we, as a society, came from. 


There’s a reason why a movie (and a persona philosophy!) like La Dolce Vita was born in Rome – come there, and you will fall in love.

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Olives trees, tramontana (the wind that blows here), and the warm touch of the sun: this and so much more you’ll find in Apulia. If you’re looking for a slow-paced, charming elopement it is the place to be.
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Goethe about Sicily said, “Visiting Italy without going to Sicily leaves no image in the spirit. It is Sicily that is the key to everything!”.


As Italians we can guarantee that it is true: Sicily is an incredible mixture of cultures, sceneries, and sounds. It is perfect to live a full Italian Elopement experience!

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