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Hey there!

We are Alba and Selene, the founders of ManiSol Wedding and Elope to Italy. We are wedding photographers and videographers – we are based in Vicenza, Northern Italy, and we have worked all around our country and around the world.

We love elopements. Through all these years in the wedding industry,  we have shot and filmed hundreds of different elopements and we loved them all!

More often than not, we have helped our couples plan their perfect elopement day in Italy guiding them through our favorite venues and our recommended vendors. 

Our Elopement Collections are totally focused on the experience you will live: with the aid of the best wedding vendors around Italy (our wedding planner, several celebrants, floral designers, hair & make-up artists.. you name them!) we will make your Italian Elopement dream come true.

You will live the most personal, unique, heartfelt Elopement Experience with a photography and videography service that will be built upon your needs and personalities. 

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alba renna

elopement videographer italy

Millennial, movie lover, traveler, pole dance instructor, and I still can’t find a better Tiramisù than mine.

I have always been a storyteller, at first with my music, then with moving images. 
I think that a story can be more powerful than anything and to me being able to tell stories means being able to deeply connect with people.

I’ve loved shooting weddings since the beginning of my career because I get to meet a lot of different people with different experiences and backgrounds, and I always learn something from it.

I think that elopements are the types of weddings where I can deeply connect with the couple the most. To me, that translates into focusing not only on the video but on the experience side of it even more.

selene pozzer

elopement photographer italy

Born in 1990. Photographer, pole dance & yoga enthusiast, passionate traveler, hippie soul.

I have been photographing since I was 19, and I found the perfect match in the Destination Wedding and Elopement Industry. I speak four languages (Italian, English, Spanish, and German) and I love portraits.

Elopements are probably my favorite type of wedding shootings, as you really get to connect with the couple on a deep, special level. 

The emotional connection is fundamental in my photography: my couples are not just clients to me, I want to know their lives, their stories, and be a counselor and a friend on their Elopement journey.

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sara sabà

wedding and elopement planner

Art and fashion are my soul’s truest passions, and they move their way into every aspect of my life. Music provides the soundtrack to my daily existence, while fashion becomes the canvas on which I paint my creative spirit. The art of photography awakens my sensual side, and the enchanting literature of the 18th century ignites my romantic soul.


I’ve been working as a wedding and elopement planner for the past ten years – I believe that every couple possesses a unique essence that symbolizes their love, and my mission is to unveil and manifest that essence on their special day. Some may find it excessively romantic, but I firmly believe that happiness finds its true meaning when shared.

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