Locations for a wine-themed elopement in Italy


We think that if you love wine, having a wine-themed elopement in Italy could be a good opportunity to discover even more about this drink.

Ideas for a Wine-Themed Elopement in Italy


As Italians, more specifically from the Veneto region, we usually say that we have wine in our veins. We grow up having a good bottle of wine at our table, it’s part of our culture and the love and understanding of wine are deeply radicated in us.

Thanks to globalization our wine began to be known all around the world, and lots of tourism in Italy now is related to its wine.
We think that if you love wine, having a wine-themed elopement in Italy could be a good opportunity to discover even more about this drink. We made some research for you, and here you can find the most renowned regions for wine production.


Wine-Themed Elopement in Italy: VENETO


Veneto is our home region and it has different areas of interest Wine-wise. Viticulture here is an ancient tradition, in fact, since at least the time of the ancient greek people who lived in the area used to make wine with partially dried-grapes and today the Amarone is still made with this technique.

Valpolicella is near the city of Verona and in this area, you’ll find amazing hills covered with vineyard, Lake Garda, and heading north amazing mountains. Close to Valpolicella, you can also visit the amazing town of Soave, with its castle overlooking the valley.

It’s the perfect destination if you’re looking for a wine-themed elopement and you want to also visit amazing art cities, little towns and enjoy a long walk on the shores of Lake Garda.


wine-themed elopement in italy


Wine-Themed Elopement in Italy: TUSCANY


When you think about Tuscany it’s nearly impossible not to think about its wine. Chianti Classico, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany offers lots of different tasting options!
More, here you’ll have the opportunity to eat delicious local cuisine and you’ll find some of the most amazing borgos in Italy.

One of our favorites areas in Tuscany is around San Gimignano, you may have heard of it as the “medieval Manhattan” thanks to its fourteen towers. The town is magical, and its surrounding area is gentle hills covered with vineyards.
You’ll find lots of Bnb immersed in nature where you can chill under the sun and you can just enjoy this “lost in time” atmosphere that is so peculiar here.

A special mention to Isola d’Elba as well: in this small island of the Tuscan archipelago is produced a very unique sweet wine called Aleatico. You can find it only here and they produce less than 500 gallons a year. More, the place is unbelievable and outside the touristic route.


wine-themed elopement in italy


Wine-Themed Elopement in Italy: SICILY


Sicily itself produces more wine than Austria and Hungary put together, that being said it is a perfect location for a wine-themed elopement in Italy. Sicily is also the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and a crossroads for ancient civilizations.
Visiting Sicily is like visiting a small country itself for the variety of landscapes it has to offer, it takes time and has many, many hidden treasures.

Here, you can literally share your vows on an active volcano and immediately after that taste the wine produced on the volcano itself, isn’t it extraordinary?
The food is also awesome, you can taste those dishes that (as I like to say) you then dream about at night.
More, you’ll find jaw-dropping landscapes, ancient temples and the sea is amazing.


wine-themed elopement in italy



All photos shot by Elope to ItalyManiSol Wedding