Capturing timeless Love in the Eternal City: A Wedding Photo Session in Rome


Wedding photo session in Rome: Love in the Eternal City - A two-parts elopement couple session in the heart of Rome.

Capturing Timeless Love in the Eternal City: A Wedding Photo Session in Rome

Rione Monti, Colosseo, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps for this stunning wedding photo session in Rome


A Dolce Vita-themed wedding photo session in the heart of RomeĀ 

From the ethereal evening ambiance of Rione Monti to the mesmerizing morning light embracing Rome’s iconic landmarks, this couple’s shoot was a testament to the eternal beauty of both the city and true love.

Amidst the history-steeped streets and monumental architecture, the love between this bride and groom shone brighter than any ancient masterpiece.

Each session captured a unique facet of their love story, an exquisite blend of elegance, romance, and joy that will forever be cherished in the photographs.

As they embarked on their journey as a married couple, the timeless charm of Rome forever etched in their hearts, their love will continue to blossom like the eternal city itself. Enjoy the romance and beauty of this romantic wedding photo session in Rome!



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The Evening Session: fashion and fun among the streets of Rione Monti


As the sun dipped below the Roman skyline, illuminating the ancient streets with a golden glow, we embarked on an enchanting evening couple shoot in the historic neighborhood of Rione Monti. Here, among the cobblestone alleys and charming piazzas, our radiant bride and charming groom wore smart and fashionable white suits, in a fun and stylish way Against the backdrop of timeless Roman architecture, we captured their love story in every frame, as they strolled hand in hand through the romantic, lantern-lit lanes, basking in the magic of this captivating city.


The Morning Session: The Hallmark areas of Rome

As the first rays of sunlight painted the iconic landmarks of Rome with a warm embrace, we set out for a dreamy morning couple shoot, with our stunning bride adorned in a chic mini dress. The heart of the city beckoned, and we wandered through the hallmark areas, weaving through history and romance.

From the breathtaking Trevi Fountain to the majestic Spanish Steps, each location encapsulated the essence of Rome’s charm. As the city came to life around them, our beautiful bride radiated joy and love, making every shot a work of art that celebrated the timeless allure of Rome and the boundless love shared by this extraordinary couple.




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Photography: Selene from ManiSol Wedding
Shooting planned by Elope to Italy
Venues: Rione Monti, Colosseo, Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi
Bride’s Suit: Revolve
Bride’s Mini Dress: ASOS

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