An Iconic Same-Sex Villa del Balbianello Elopement


Daylight fireworks lit up the skies of Lake Como for this iconic villa del balbianello elopement - a must see, featured on LoveInc.

An Iconic Same-Sex Villa del Balbianello Elopement

A surprise elopement in the most iconic Lake Como venue, Villa del Balbianello


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Vince & Roberto: Villa del Balbianello Elopement – from ManiSol Wedding


Vincent & Roberto, a beautiful Villa del Balbianello Elopement

“Vince Spinnato, the Hollywood cosmetic chemist married the love of his life, designer Roberto Racanelli in the spectacular background of Villa del Balbianello in Lake Como.”

These words can hardly describe the fun, excitement, and true happiness we witnessed sharing Vince and Roberto’s special day. A true firework of a wedding ceremony, indeed: once the grooms shared their I dos, daylight fireworks colored the Lake Como sky in many beautiful rainbow-colored clouds. Enjoy!


villa del balbianello elopement


Charm, elegance, the refined sophistication of the gorgeous villas of Lake Como effortlessly intertwined with fun, sensuality, and a literal display of daylight fireworks: this stunning Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa del Balbianello will absolutely blow you away.
While both grooms have Italian origins, Vince was born in California, while Roberto is Canadian; they have been together for almost a decade but had to spend the Covid time separately. They met again in Europe where they had planned to get married – but where and when that was a whole surprise for Roberto!

We met with Roberto and Vince at the iconic GHT, where they got ready in separate suites. They had their first look on the main terrace of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, between the banana trees and the bright blue color of the lake.

A water taxi carried them across the waters to the breathtaking Villa del Balbianello. Vince had orchestrated the entire day with meticulous detail, expertly brought to life by The Lake Como Wedding Planner. Each surprise was a precious gift for Roberto, unaware of the incredible marriage destination awaiting them. The moment he laid eyes on Villa del Balbiabello his reaction was priceless – that had to be the place.

Under the embrace of Loggia Durini’s arches, an intimate ceremony unfolded lead by the one and only Fabio, “the” Lake Como celebrant. As they slipped rings onto each other’s fingers, vibrant daylight fireworks erupted, painting the sky in a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues – the most perfect way to celebrate their love.

Having Villa del Balbianello all for ourselves was the perfect setup for some iconic couple portrait shots for such an art-loving couple. After having strolled around the gardens, we took another water taxi back to the GHT.

The newlyweds experienced an intimate candlelit dinner in the Sala Contessa, a moment of tranquility and peace in such an emotional and exciting day.

This elopement day was nothing short of extraordinary – two grooms who painted the skies above Lake Como with the radiant colors of their boundless love, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who witnessed this captivating celebration.



villa del balbiabello elopement


Photography & Cinematography: Selene & Alba from ManiSol Wedding and Elope to Italy
Venue: Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Villa del Balbianello – Lake Como
Wedding Planner: The Lake Como Wedding Planner
Floral Designer: Anna Flower Designer
Wedding Officiant: Fabio, the Como Lake Celebrant
Water Taxi: Mostes-Faggeto
Grooms Suits: Tom Ford
Grooms Shoes: Christian Louboutin + Versace
Daylight Fireworks: Blunotte Eventi
Entertainment: Elan Artists

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