La Notte a Venezia: a Venice night elopement


La Notte a Venezia: a Venice night elopement to explore the iconic city, from dusk 'till dawn.

La Notte a Venezia: a Venice night elopement

Exploring the other side of Venice, from dusk ’til dawn


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La Notte a Venezia: a Night Elopement in Venice – from ManiSol Wedding



La Notte a Venezia: a Venice night elopement inspired by Gucci

La Notte a Venezia was one of the first examples of the type of experiences we can create with Elope to Italy. We matched Sara’s perfect knowledge of Venice (being her hometown) with our desire to recreate the atmosphere of the alluring night shots of Helmut Newton and the captivating “Gucci Guilty” commercial shot in the enchanting city of Venice. It was the only Elope to Italy editorial shoot to date, and it perfectly embraces our search for uniqueness and for a real, bespoke, and different elopement experience.

We scheduled this elopement to be a “dusk-till-dawn” type of situation: we started shooting at sunset and used the night as our coat to find ourselves immersed in a totally different, mystical and mysterios Venice. Enjoy!



venice night elopement


The tale of this Editorial Venice night elopement traces back years – it all started when the iconic “Gucci Guilty” spot starring Jared Leto in the romantic embrace of Venice by night aired. We knew we wanted to make our couples live that experience of Venice, and we knew it would have been fantastic.

The dream took shape as we translated this sensual and decadent atmosphere into an unforgettable elopement session with the help of our planner Sara. In collaboration with Michele and Costanza from Il Nido Verde, whose creative thinking know no bounds, we embarked on this journey, creating an opulent scene adorned with floral beauty, featuring an exquisite flower-decorated chaise-longue.

The prestigious Hotel Luna Baglioni became an essential part of our project, graciously providing us access to their most breathtaking suite, the San Giorgio Suite, offering a mesmerizing view of the entire city.

Pronovias curated the perfect dress for our shoot: a timeless, classic, and elegantly refined dress that was perfect for our Venice night elopement. Their Eureka dress proved to be the embodiment of perfection for this occasion.

With an unwavering determination to capture the enchanting allure of Venice by night, we searched for the ideal couple. When we met Milena and Carlomaria, it was clear they were destined to be our protagonists, radiating love and passion, with the right style and personalities for this bohemian dream.

As the night descended upon Venice, our elopement shooting began within the luxurious walls of Luna Baglioni Hotel’s suite. The bride luxuriated in a warm milk bath, encircled by wildflowers, while the groom wrote his heartfelt vows, his guitar softly strummed in the background. A sensual atmosphere, reminiscent of the movie “Blow Up,” enveloped them as they posed on the adorned chaise-longue, capturing intimate lingerie polaroids.

Venturing into the empty streets well past midnight, the enchantment intensified. Venice, in all its splendor, lay before us, devoid of the usual crowds. In the ethereal ambiance of Piazza San Marco, the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows, toasting with champagne and playfully embracing the deserted tables and chairs. The magic of the night continued until the sun’s first light painted the sky with rosy hues, providing a perfect backdrop as we immortalized the empty square and tranquil lagoon.




night elopement in Venice


Photography & Cinematography: Selene & Alba from ManiSol Wedding
Wedding Planner & Designer: Sara Sabà, The Wedding Studio
—-  planned, designed, photographed, and filmed by Elope to Italy
Venue: Luna Baglioni Hotel, Piazza San Marco
Floral Designer: Il Nido Verde
Hair & Make-up Artist: Valeria Ventura
Bride’s Dress: “Eureka” by Pronovias
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Suit: Ca dei Sarti

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