Eloping in Italy? You should hire Italians!


Eloping in Italy? By hiring local vendors, you're not only creating an unforgettable experience but also contributing to the local economy in an ethical way.

Eloping in Italy? Hire Locals!

Are you envisioning an intimate elopement as enchanting as the Italian sunset? Look no further than the heart of Italy: Italians.
I know, I can be biased because I’m Italian, but I truly think that what makes this place so magnetic is its people. For centuries we built, imagined, and crafted what Italy is today.

This post is one of the most heartfelt we can write. Hiring Italians for your elopement in Italy doesn’t only change your overall experience but is the most ethical choice you can make when you elope to Italy.


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First thing first: planning a destination elopement can be overwhelming, but local professionals can alleviate stress and uncertainty. 
I’ll explain what I mean by also using some experiences that we lived firsthand as examples.


Eloping in Italy? Here’s why you should hire locals


We speak the language, understand local regulations, and can handle any unexpected situations that may arise, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying each moment.
This helped a lot during an elopement I shot in the Dolomites in 2022: the ceremony was outside a small church, and to go there we needed to ask permission from the town hall to use the access road. We also needed some more time after the ceremony to take some photos and videos from the road, where there was a perfect view of the church.
Everything went smoothly until we encountered a very angry, non-friendly, and non-English-speaking farmer that was very pissed at these “tourists that don’t respect the local regulation, drive where they cannot drive, go where they cannot go”. He immediately stopped screaming when he realized I was Italian, and we asked for permission to do what we were doing. The photographer was American, and just me being there saved the situation.


Eloping in Italy


Collaborating with locals adds a personalized touch to your elopement. We understand the nuances of each region, and weather patterns, and can curate a timeline that ensures everything runs seamlessly. Our familiarity with the area allows for flexibility, whether you’re considering a vineyard celebration or a romantic beachside elopement.

One very practical example is: we know the logistic on the Amalfi Coast is more than tricky. Also, nowadays it’s very crowded, and we know where to take you if you want your experience to be a bit secluded, and these places are not on Instagram.


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We possess a treasure trove of insider knowledge that can lead you to hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations. When you elope to Italy hiring locals, you open doors to picturesque settings you might not discover otherwise.

Local businesses often reflect the cultural heritage of each area. By engaging with these businesses, you’re showing respect for local traditions, craftsmanship, and ways of life. This helps preserve the cultural authenticity that makes the community unique and resilient in the face of outside pressures.
From artisanal caterers serving delectable regional cuisine to musicians, locals bring an authentic touch that transforms your celebration into an unforgettable experience.

Eloping in Italy? You must taste tramezzini, you should do the Bacaro tour in Venice, and you need to taste the oysters in Portoferraio. These are things that we, as a photo and video team, experienced with our couples, and these are the things they loved the most. That is why I truly think this is so important.


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Eloping in Italy? Do it, but do it ethically.

Preventing gentrification involves making intentional and thoughtful choices to support local communities in a way that preserves their cultural and social fabric.

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Gentrification is a complex process where wealthier individuals or businesses move into a neighborhood, often leading to rising property values, rent, and changes in the community’s character. This can sometimes result in the displacement of longtime residents and the erosion of the area’s unique identity.
This is already happening in different places in Italy: Venice, Lake Como, the Dolomites, the Amalfi Coast, Florence, and so on.

When you elope to Italy choosing to work closely with local vendors, you have the opportunity to collaborate and receive input from those who know the area best.
They can guide you toward ethical choices and sustainable practices that align with the community’s interests.

In essence, preventing gentrification through conscientious choices involves understanding the impact of your presence as a visitor and actively working to ensure that your activities contribute positively to the community’s continued well-being. It’s about respecting the existing dynamics, engaging in responsible tourism, and leaving a positive legacy for both you and the residents you interact with.