The real local experience: Elopement on the Venice Islands


Elopement on the Venice Islands: from Torcello to Burano, from San Giorgio back to Venice to live the truest and most authentic Venicean experience.

The real local experience: Elopement on the Venice Islands

Exploring the truest Venice between Torcello, Burano, and the Island of San Giorgio


Taylor & Sage – Elopement on the Venice Islands from Manisol Wedding on Vimeo


The truest Venice: Elopement on the Venice Islands of Torcello, Burano and San Giorgio

Love knows no bounds, and for Sage and Taylor, their hearts led them on a breathtaking adventure of a lifetime as they eloped in the romantic city of Venice. Rather than following the conventional path of a traditional wedding, they embraced the spirit of spontaneity and chose to experience the true essence of Venice through local activities. Their elopement became a celebration of love, exploration, and authentic cultural experiences.

From our very first chat, we knew that these two wanted to experience something different than the typical wedding in Venice, and they did: they chose our La Luna collection for self-proclaimed weddings, and we created the truest and most authentic experience of Venice by choosing its islands instead of the mainland. From Torcello to Burano, to San Giorgio, and then back in Venice for a real bacaro-tour experience ending in San Marco at night: enjoy this amazing Elopemen on the Venice Islands.


Elopement on the Venice Islands


Sage and Taylor got married at the end of their Italian trip. After having experienced our beautiful country, they rented an apartment in the historical part of Venice, where they got ready together and read love notes from their friends and families.

Once they got ready, the bride and groom jumped on a water taxi and our tour began: enjoying their ride through Venice’s intricate network of canals, they could experience the picturesque architecture, ancient bridges, and charming streets from the vantage point of its waters. The serenade of gondoliers in the distance added a touch of romance to the atmosphere, making it a wonderful and fun addition to the vibe of the day.

After their enchanting water taxi ride on the canals of Venice, the couple set out to explore the nearby islands of Torcello and Burano. Torcello, with its rich historical past and serene landscapes, provided a sense of tranquility and a chance to step back in time. We captured romantic and fun photos of Taylor and Sage among the ancient ruins, a symbol of their love blossoming amidst the echoes of the past. We recommended Torcello because of the couple’s fascination for art and historical landscapes and ruins – what could have been a better place?

On the other hand, to celebrate the couple’s passion for design and colors, we reached the island of Burano whose vibrant and colorful houses delighted the couple’s senses. Wandering hand in hand through the island’s lively streets, they immersed themselves in the local culture, enjoying the warmth of the locals (including petting many cats, of course!)

As the day progressed, Sage and Taylor made their way to the Island of San Giorgio for their wedding ceremony at sunset, with the grandeur of San Marco as their backdrop. The intimate setting allowed them to exchange heartfelt vows, and with the soft glow of the setting sun, they began their journey as a married couple, ready to embrace all that life would offer them.

After the emotional ceremony, the couple decided to skip the traditional seated dinner and trusted us when we recommended sharing a “bacaro tour” – a delightful Venetian custom of sampling small bites and drinks at local bacari, or wine bars. After changing to some more comfortable night outfits, we walked back towards San Marco and savored mouthwatering cicchetti (small snacks) paired with regional wines, all while celebrating their love with laughter and joy. This authentic culinary experience connected them with the heart and soul of Venice, making their elopement truly unforgettable.

As the night finally arrived, Sage and Taylor walked hand in hand making their way back to the iconic Piazza San Marco. Illuminated by the soft glow of lampposts and the twinkling stars above, the square exuded a sense of timeless elegance and romantic decadence that proved to be the perfect ending to this romantic elopement on the Venice islands.



elopement on the venice islands


Photography & Cinematography: Selene & Alba from ManiSol Wedding
Planned by Elope to Italy – La Luna Collection
Venue: Venice, Burano, Torcello, San Giorgio
Floral Designer: Il Nido Verde
Boat ride: Limousine in Venice 

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